eBio No Needle Thread Lift Set & Micro Carving Cream

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No Needle Thread Set $88 
Micro Carving Essence Cream $118

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1 Thread Set + 1 Cream $166
2 Thread Sets $152
3 Thread Sets $204

Achieving a V-Shape face is easily attainable! All at the comfort of your own home.
✔ No Pain 
✔ No Needle 
✔ No Downtime 
✔ Non-Invasive 
✔ Instant Result 
✔ Key ingredients from UK and France 
✔ Products are HSA notified and ALS approved

 Ebio reverse age firming powder + fullerene essence set and micro-carving essence creamEbio reverse age firming powder + fullerene essence set and micro-carving essence creamEbio reverse age firming powder + fullerene essence set and micro-carving essence creamEbio reverse age firming powder + fullerene essence set and micro-carving essence creamEbio reverse age firming powder + fullerene essence set and micro-carving essence cream

Recommended Usage:
1 Thread Lift Set contains:
– 5 bottles of fullerene essence
– 1 bottle (12 pieces) of micro-carving protein threads 
– 1 matching small nozzle (for fullerene solution + firming powder use)

Day 1:
– To activate the fullerene essence, inject the reverse age firming powder into the fullerene essence bottle, shake and dissolve. 
– Replace the cap with the spray nozzle provided.
– Spray the activated essence liberally on your face and pat it in.
– Once your face is drenched with the activated essence, dry your hands and place the threads one by one on your face.
– It is important to keep your hands dry when you are handling the threads.
– Take note not to pull the threads. Just place them down by holding the corners.
– Top up the essence if you feel that your skin isn’t drenched enough.
– Repeat the process on the areas you like work on.
– After you have placed all the threads, spray on more essence and pat it in.
– You are required to use up one bottle of essence within this treatment.
– Start massaging your face upwards until the essence + threads are fully absorbed.
– Apply one layer of carving cream. Spread it evenly.
– Use the red light therapy device (attached in the carving cream tub) to massage your face.
– Start by massaging in a circular motion with the red light device.
– Then massage in upwards motion with the red light device.
– Apply the second layer of carving cream. Spread it evenly.
– Do one round of circular massage with the red light device.
– Then massage in upwards motion with the red light device.

(A detailed video guide will be provided together with your purchase.)

Day 1 – Use up the first bottle of fullerene essence
Day 2 to 3 – Use up the second bottle of fullerene essence
Day 4 to 5 – Use up the third bottle of fullerene essence
Day 6 to 7 – Use up the fourth bottle of fullerene essence
Day 8 to 9 – Use up the fifth bottle of fullerene essence

Once activated, each bottle must be used up within 2 days to ensure its freshness. Spray the activated essence liberally on your face in the morning/ mid-day/ evening. It is recommended to store the bottle in the fridge when it’s not in use. It is highly recommended to complete this course of treatment within 10 days.

For a full facelift:
Use up all 12 protein threads within day one. The recommended application for the threads are: 
4 on the left cheek + undereye,
4 on the right cheeks + under the eye,
3 on the forehead and 1 on the chin.

For facelift (excluding forehead):
You can split till the 12 protein threads into 2 days use: 6 to be used per day. 
Day one – 3 threads on the left face, 3 threads on the right face.
Day two – 3 threads on the left face, 3 threads on the right face.

Q: Are there any certifications to prove the safety of these products?

A: We are happy to share that our products are HSA notified and ALS approved.

Q: Where are the product ingredients from?

A: Ebio is a UK brand. Our ingredients are from various sources around the world. The key ingredients are from the UK and France.

Q: What are the main function of the products?

A: The firming powder is rich of fullerene essence, silk fibroin and bio-extracted essence, which has the effect of diminishing fine lines and firming the skin, nourishing the skin with vitality.

The products are made with the perfect integration of the world’s best skin-repairing ingredients and nanotechnology, promoting the fission and proliferation of fibroblasts. The products have shown to promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin, rebuild the dermal layer fiber frame, reduce wrinkles, sculpture facial contours, improve skin quality, and allow the skin to regain its youth.

Q: At what age can I start using these products?

A: At 25 years old, your facial cells are gradually maturing and aging. The sooner the products are used, the better the skin will be, and the aging symptoms can be prevented in advance.

Q: How long does 1 box of thread lift set last me?

A: You are recommended to complete 1 box of thread lift set in 10 days for the best result.

Q: Why do I have to complete 1 box in 10 days?

A: Continuity is key when it comes to skin repair + best result. 10 days is the best usage period according to our experimental test. The effect of the treatment is maximized when this routine is followed.

Q: How long can the effect of 1 treatment last?

A: Up to 4 weeks depending on age and individual skin condition.

Q: Are the products suitable for all skin type, including sensitive skin?

A: The products are suitable for all skin types. Based on the feedback so far, clients with sensitive skin have used the products with no allergic reaction. However, if you like to be more careful, you can opt to do a patch test first.

Q: Will the effects rebound?

A: The products keep your skin in a youthful state by activating autologous fibroblasts activity. It makes use of cells to enhance the continuous supply of nutrients and slowly restore skin original metabolic rate, along with collagen production. As long as you continue using the product, it will generally not rebound.

Similar to the logic of drinking water – Our bodies are draining water at the same time as we are drinking water, leaving us thirsty when we stop drinking water. Likewise, collagen is lost every day. Hence, it is important to continue nourishing, caring for our skin to keep it in its best condition.

Q: Is there a trial set?

A: We do not have a trial set. 

Q: Where can the products be used?

A: You may use the products on your face, neck and chest area.

Q: Can the product improve dark circles and eye bags?

A: Yes, there are many reasons for the formation of dark circles. With time, the skin ages and relaxes. This causes the appearance of the skin to be deeper than the surrounding area. The shadow of the eye socket or the lower side of the eyelid might also form a tear groove. The Ministry of Health has stated that this is caused by insufficient nutrition. Our products use herbal extracts and fullerene extracts, which have a delayed repair effect on dark circles and eye bags. 

Q: Can the firming powder + fullerene essence + micro carving essence in the micro carving set be fully absorbed by the skin?

A: The kit uses small molecule hyaluronic acid as the introducer, which draws inactive ingredients and targets the damaged cells. It is absorbed by the skin with just a gentle touch. 

Q: What is the core component of the EBIO Reverse Age Firming Powder + Fullerene Essence Set?

A: EBIO reverse age firming powder + fullerene essence set’s core components are mannitol, oligopeptide-1, Sophora flavescens (SOPHORA FLAVESCENS) root extract, fullerene essence, silk fibroin, small rain bird’s nest extract, and oligopeptide-2. 

Q: Can I get a refund if I have an allergic reaction after using the EBIO Reverse age Firming Powder + Fullerene Essence Set?

A: We do not provide a refund due to the nature of the product. Our products have been rigorously tested. Results have shown that it is a functional product with an allergic reaction rate of less than 1%.

Q: Can the EBIO Reverse Age Firming Powder + Fullerene Essence Set be used with other brands?

A: It can be used with other brands of skincare products. However do note that it is not recommended to use it with other brands of functional products (eg. anti- freckles, acne treatment, anti-allergic products)

Q: Can I apply makeup after using the product? 

A: After using the product, let it absorb fully for 10 minutes before applying makeup.

Q: What are the main ingredients and effects of EBIO reverse age firming powder?

A: Mannitol: Peroxynitrite is a combination of superoxide radicals and nitroso ions. It is also a common free radical in the body. This free radical is related to skin pigmentation. The elimination of mannitol is beneficial to the skin.  Conditioning and anti-aging also have a certain degree of inhibition on skin allergies. Mannitol can inhibit light damage and photoaging of the skin and has a moisturizing function.Oligopeptide-1: Oligopeptide-1 is a synthetic peptide composed of three amino acids such as glycine, histidine, and lysine.Glucose: Produces moisturizing, stabilizing, skin tone, anti-aging, and antibacterial properties.Sophora flavescens (SOPHORA FLAVESCENS) root extract: mainly derived from the root of Sophora flavescens, the active ingredient is mainly matrine, a traditional herbal medicine.  It is used for the treatment of eczema and dermatitis. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects; it has a promoting effect on collagen production and also promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts. It can be used for anti-aging and has a moisturizing effect. Nicotinamide: Nicotinamide, also known as vitamin B3, has high safety as a pharmaceutical ingredient. It has a good effect in inhibiting melanin deposition and anti-inflammatory. In addition to whitening effect, the reduction will also be generated.  The precipitated melanin blocks its transfer to the surface cells, accelerates cell metabolism, and accelerates the exfoliation of melanin keratinocytes.  It maintains the moisture content in the skin and promotes microcirculation in the dermis.  It also reduces and eliminates skin aging, such as wrinkles, peeling, large pores, etc., It reduces free radical damage to the skin, plays a role in preventing aging, and repairing the skin and reducing facial dullness. Pyridoxine: Pyridoxine, also known as vitamin B6, is a skin conditioner and nutrient.  It regulates the secretion of oil lines and prevents a variety of dermatitis, and at the same time reduces the production of dark yellow pigment. This ingredient is a water-soluble substance, which is an indispensable component of the human body and can be used for fat conditioning.

Q: What are the main ingredients and effects of EBIO Fullerene Essence?

A:  Bacillus/glutamic acid fermentation product filtrate: It is produced by the fermentation of microorganisms and glutamic acid, and can release highly active enzymes, which decomposes macromolecular substances into usable small molecular substances, which are convenient for skin absorption and can promote skin cells. The metabolism of the stratum corneum has good hydrophilic moisturization, which allows moisture in the air to enter the skin, strengthen the cells, strengthen the resistance, and make the skin soft and white. The wakame (UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA) extract: inhibits the activity of human leukocyte elastase, indicating that it has an anti-inflammatory function; it has the effect of rejuvenating wrinkles. PELARGONIUM GRAVEOLENS extract: It has an inhibitory effect on fungi, has antibacterial and antimony-clearing effects, has an eliminating effect on free radicals, and has certain antioxidant properties. CHRYSANTHEMUM INDICUM extract: 27 anti-inflammatory triterpenoids can be isolated, which can treat dermatitis and inhibit skin allergic hypersensitivity; enhance capillary resistance and inhibit capillary permeability  It has anti-inflammatory effect; it can eliminate free radicals, has antioxidant effect, and has the effect of relieving aging; it has inhibitory effect on melanocytes and has certain whitening and freckle effects. Aloe Vera (ALOE BARBADENSIS) extract: promotion of fibrin growth, inhibition of elastin, synthesis of collagen and scavenging of free radicals, indicating good rejuvenation and anti-aging effects;  The synthesis of sterols promotes the composition of sebum, reduces shine and increases the softness of the skin; it also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects.Fullerenes: Fullerenes are capable of affinity with free radicals and have strong antioxidant capacity. They can activate skin cells and delay the decline of skin cells.


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