Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask

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Shero Ching Firming Facial Mask 100g

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What is Firming Facial Mask? 
✔ Effectively replenish facial collagen 
✔ Shape Facial Contours and lift your face 
✔ Shrink pores and increase skin elasticity 
✔ Low Cost Low Maintenance 

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Q1: How long can one tub last? 
One tub weighs 100g , it can typically last for 2 months with an average usage of 30-35 times. 

Q2: Will my face return back to normal if i stop using? 
Likewise for any other beauty products, it requires maintenance. It will not rebound immediately once you stop using. However, twice a week is advisable to maintain your desired result. 

Q3: How long to see effect? 
You could definitely see results in one week’s time, on a daily basis usage! However, it’s proven to see results in just 3 days time! Start looking beautiful effortlessly :) 

Q4: Can i use if i’m pregnant/breastfeeding? 
Yes definitely! It does not consists of any harmful chemicals and works like a normal mask, so fret not! 

Q5: Is it suitable for eczema? 
If your eczema works up, you may want to let it subside first before you continue using

Q6: Is it locally tested? 
Yes, we have certificated from SGS :)

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