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Want to achieve natural-looking tinted lips? Tired of having to touch up your lipstick throughout the day? Why not try out lip tints?

What is a lip tint? The lip tint is essentially a product you apply and peel off to result in a long-lasting stain.

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint is extremely popular in Korea! Its popularity has even spread to the USA as it has been featured and reviewed in Elle magazine.


Shades available:
1. Virgin Red (Real Red) 
2. Vivid Scarlet 
3. Lovely Peach (Pure Pink) 
4. Pure Pink 
5. Bubble Pink (Cherry Pink) 

6. Sexy Red (Pure Red)

⭐Super long-lasting. 
It can hold up to 12 hours or more,which means that touch ups would be unneccessary!
⭐ Compact design.
Packaged in a small and travel-friendly tube,it is portable and perfect for bringing on overseas trips.
⭐ Highly pigmented,moisturizing and exfoliating.

The colour stains your lips true to the colour shown in images! Many reviews of this being more moisturizing,comfortable and weightless compared to other lip tints in the market as well!

Directions for application:
1)Apply the product to the lips. (A q-tip or lip brush is not necessary for this step)
2)Allow the product to dry for around 10-15 minutes,do not purse your lips together while waiting.

3)After waiting for 10-15 minutes for the lip tint to dry completely, carefully peel off the lip tint pack from one edge to the other.

- Do note that the pigmentation of the lip tint is based on how much product you apply!

Removal of the product:
As it is marketed as a "lip tattoo" that is really long-lasting,the removal has been made simpler by using the Berrisom Lip Cleanser, or any lip makeup remover!

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