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HAShitomi lash and brow serum



Lashes are the in thing now, with eyelash extensions being highly sought after as they instantly enhance the eyes with no effort required. 
However, the cost of maintaining these extensions can get very expensive. 
Additionally, your own lashes may drop out together with the extensions due to the adhesives used. 
Imagine ending up with lesser eyelashes than you began with!😱

Fret no more,HAShitomi eyelash serum will erase the need for eyelash extensions. 
Your lashes will grow long and strong with the help of this serum,formulated with non-harmful ingredients. 
Widelash and caprixyl,both used in this serum, are known to be effective in helping with eyelash regeneration. 
The use of 3D nanotechnology in formulating the serum also ensures that these ingredients are penetrated into the eyelashes for optimal results. 
Thus, if you're looking for long-lasting flawless lashes without breaking the bank monthly, this product is made for you!

Product info: 
HAShitomi eyelash serum is a product of Japan. 
Each packet consists of a bottle of serum (3ml) and 50 sterile cotton buds for application. 
No sticky residue or stinging after application. 
The recommended duration for best results is 28 days of continuous application.

For more info, usage instructions, demonstrations, please click on the photo bolow to visit our Instagram Page, and check out our Hashitomi Story Highlights!

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