Full Face Sauna Slimming Mask

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Sauna Full Face V Shape Slimming Compression Mask

Full Face Version Mask Arrival!!
Combines the benefits of both the Pink 1/2 face mask and the Orange 3/4 face mask!
Best overall effect!

Do you dream of having a slim, V-Shape face?
Sick of chubby cheeks and saggy wrinkled skin and double chin?
Try this full face compression slimming face lifting mask!

* Great quality and workmanship. Unique 5-layer premium material
* Featured in the media / TV programmes!
* Stretchable, Suitable for all types of face shapes

- Slims, tightens and lifts entire face from forehead to neck!
- Great quality and workmanship. Three-dimension cut shape according to the golden ratio of people's face.
- face slimming / fat cheek reduction
- Reduces water retention and puffy cheeks
- Promote Blood Circulation
- Eliminate Double chin
- Smooth out wrinkles and fine lines
- tighten and lift saggy skin
- Reverse the effects of Aging / gravity
- Heat fat burning. Physiotherapy techology that can burn fat and tone your muscles at the same time.
- Sauna-like effects. Makes skin Moisturized and supple
- Reduce Laugh lines
- Reduce Eye bags
- Targets baby fat
- Use it while watching TV, using the computer, doing housework
- Also can be used as compression garment for post-op face/bone reduction surgery / liposuction

- Unique 5-layer premium material
- Neoprene,Nylon Fabric, Trace element Germanium.
- Neoprene is the most advanced high technology material commonly used by scuba divers for protecting skin, heating up and maintaining skin temperature with minimum skin irritation.

- one size fits all
- Stretchable, Suitable for all types of face shapes

* Do not wear overnight to sleep / shower
* Not suitable for children, pregnant ladies, people with high blood pressure

* Wash your face clean.
* Masks should be worn 30-60 minutes. (Sweat might be produced).
* Wash your skin again. (Follow up with normal skincare routine)

* This mask can be hand washed with warm water, using a mild detergent, then dry naturally.

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