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New Packaging and Branding!
Now in a Pump-Style Bottle!


Highly raved and endorsed by famous influencers like BONG QIU QIU,  PONYYZZ, MIYAKE, OHSOFICKLE, RACHEL, MICHELLE and MANY MANY MORE!
Widely used amongst, and made popular by Singapore Airlines SQ Stewardesses!
Tried and testified by hundreds and thousands of local Singaporean ladies who have sent in their real life BEFORE-AFTER photos!

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1 Box (6 pieces) : $78 
Or Buy 1 piece to try first at $13 (Guaranteed you will be back for more!) - 

FREE Express Courier Delivery!

Our SQ LQ Masks are 101% Authentic, with QR Code and authenticity sticker on every box!
Beware of Fake SQ LQ Masks which have surfaced in the market, WITHOUT any QR code or proof of authenticity!
Don't waste your money on "cheap" masks which do not provide the same type of SHEN QI effects as our original ones!

Insta famous SQ mask used by SQ crew, models, influencers, and tons of ladies who wish to have beautiful skin!

- Highly raved by many users! Reviews can be found all over the internet and instragram! 
- Also known as LQ Mask (Luxurious Queen Mask) or 'Shen Qi' Mask!! 
- See results after just 1 mask! Some say results are even better than laser and facial!
- A special mask which can be left on the face for 1 - 2 hours, or even overnight! 

Great in curing pimples/acne scar.
Firming up of skin and giving the skin the radiant GLOW.
If you suffer from acne × dull skin tone.
This is the one for you!!

Yes it's expensive but it's definitely worth it as the results speak for itself! 
People wouldn't be raving about it if it doesn't work! 
Even FAMOUS INFLUENCERS are endorsing and promoting it too!
You've gotta try it yourself to believe it! :) 

Because of biocellulose’s nano-sized fibers it has very useful properties. It is able to hold 100x it’s own dry weight in moisture. And biocellulose is hydrophillic, which is the ability to both absorb or donate moisture to the surface it’s in contact with. This unique ability is why biocellulose is used in medical scenarios to treat burns and/or festering wounds 

Reduction of: 
1. Acne inflammation 
2. Ezcema 
3. Sensitive redness 
4. Intense hydration for Dry / Dehydrated skin
5. Brightens and Whitens skin
6. Lightnens Acne Scars 
7. Skin tightening 

When we hear of keratin treatments, most people associate them with hair and sometimes nails. However, keratin is also good for your skin. When it comes to dermal issues, keratin skin treatment is considered a good remedy for aging signs and other problems such as acne.

Did you know that Proteins in SK II Pitera™ include Keratin to maintain skin elasticity?

Naturally, keratin is produced by cells called keratinocytes, and just as collagen or elastin, this protein helps keep the skin firm and forms a protective layer to retain healthy skin, while protecting it from external factors such as pollutants.

K3 Keratin repair essence strengthens your dermal layer, boosting your body keratin production. This way, you will avoid having sagging skin or developing deep wrinkles. It also heals and moisturizes skin, and it makes it smoother and clearer

It works miracles as a first-step skincare ritual. This is due to the fact that keratin unclogs your pores. Therefore, your skin will easily absorb other creams, serums and skincare products more effectively,
as well as help makeup adhere better! It will create a matte and finished look that will last longer.

K3 Repair Essence is great when you have damaged, aged, sagging, and especially acne skin, but it is highly effective for almost any skin type. No matter how aged your skin looks, a keratin boost has an amazing effect on it, rejuvenating your skin.


 " The Ultimate Weapon for Acne Prone Skin, Known as 'SQ Pimple Cream "

A highly raved, miraculous pimple cream which is able to dry up and flatten red, inflamed pimples overnight!
However, it is NOT harsh like Oxy, which will burn your skin and make it crack!
In fact, it is so gentle and creamy, that you can apply it all over your face - and some even claim that it is edible...!!! (but please don't need to try and eat it - apply on your skin and heal your pimples will do! :)
Works best when combined with K3 Repair Essence and Luxurious Queen Mask!

Toner -> K3 Repair Essence -> SQ Pimple Cream -> Luxurious Queen Mask

This customer has an inflammed, big, red acne with yellow pus, and tiny pimple bumps along her chin area, as seen in the left photo.
She only applied K3, followed by SQ Pimple Cream. She did not apply SQ Mask after that.

However, she was so surprised to see that, just after 1 night, when she woke up in the morning,
The big red pimple was flattened and dried up, the yellow pus inside was gone, without having to extract / squeeze it out
The tiny bumps along her chin and  jawline were all gone
And even her old marks and scars got lightened!


If you suffer from pimple and acne problems, our K3 + Pimple Cream  SQ Mask can really HELP you!
No need to visit doctor and consume expensive oral medication like Roaccutane, because these are very strong and harmful to your body in the long run!
Give this a try first!


FREE next day delivery! 
Or pickup from our retail store at:
- Cineleisure Level 1 (Outside KFC)
- Our beauty salon at Braddell MRT Station Exit A 
- Or our HAKO Oulets at Parkway Parade, Bedok Mall, AMK Hub, Causeway Point
- Or a list of other locations too! (Whatsapp 91802776 to arrange)

SwanHeartx is the Official authorized distributor of SQ mask! 
- Ready stocks 
- Official Distributor Cert 
- Hard Copy Safety Certs
- HSA Cert
- QR code and authenticity sticker on every box
- Fresh stocks, Long expiry (Year 2021)

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