Wrist / Ankle Weights

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Add intensity to any workout!

Ankle Weights are well-known for increasing strength and balance, burning calories and fat and toning lower-body muscles.
Theses ankle weights are ideally used in gyms to enhance the variety of exercises and add more resistance to trainer's workout.
Ideal for at home people who want to burn the abdominal fat and tone their body muscles.
You can corporate this multi functional tool into your daily exercises like Running, Leg lifts, Bicycle Crunches, Leg Extension, Pull-ups, Aerobic and many more!

CHEAPEST Pricing Online!

They come in a Pair of 2 sides!

1kg Pair (0.5kg Per Side) : $12
2kg Pair (1kg Per Side) : $13.90
3kg Pair (1.5kg Per Side) : $15.90
4kg Pair (2kg Per Side) : $17.90 
5kg Pair (2.5kg Per Side) : $20
6kg Pair (3kg Per Side) : $25 


- Adjustable Velcro closures ensure a comfortable and secure fit
- Padded for comfort
- Tone and shape your muscles
- Build stamina and give your legs an overall toned look
- Ideal for use on wrists and ankles
- Help boost stamina and endurance
- Great accessory for weight loss
- Easy to wear on Hands or Legs
- One size fits all

Weight filling: Iron sand
Material: Heavy Duty Nylon
Color: Blue

Package Includes:
1 Pair (2x) Lead-Free ankle / wrist weights

Benefits of Using Ankle Weights When Exercising

If you are trying to lose weight, the most effective way to do burn fat is to lift weights.
Strength training burns far more calories than cardio, and you can get in serious shape by combining a solid weightlifting program with a good cardio program.
With ankle weights, you can do the two workouts at the same time!

Why Ankle Weights?

Ankle weights add more weight to your feet, meaning your legs have to work just a little bit harder as you walk or jog.
You don't even need to walk or jog faster than normal, as the addition of a few pounds to your ankles will increase the difficulty of your cardio workout significantly.
Yet you won't just be working harder in terms of cardio, but your leg muscles will also get a great workout. The weight of every step will force your entire leg--upper and lower muscles--to work harder.

Caution: Do not use ankle weights for jumping exercises. That strain on your feet can cause tiny tears in the joints and muscles and even cause stress fractures in the bones. Just use them when doing light cardio (jogging, walking, cycling, etc.)

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