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How much does each cost?

  • 7D Brows 原生眉 $688 (Free Touchup!)
  • Misty Brows 粉黛眉 $688 (Free Touchup!)
  • Fortune Brows 千禧眉 $688 (Free Touchup!)
  • Men's Power Brows $688 (Free Touchup!)
  • Laser Removal 洗眉 $100 - $300 per session

What does this cost include?

  • All brand new in pack materials for procedures
  • One session restoration touchup within two months
  • Repair cream

What are the differences between Korean, 3D, 7D, Misty Brow and Fusion Brows?

  • Korean Eyebrows 韩式眉 Korean eyebrows have many types.  There are many combinations of shapes and types. Mainly flat or low arc eyebrows with misty look in coffee brown or grey brown color. 
  • 3D Eyebrows 飄眉 is the earliest technique for hairstrokes eyebrows, we no longer does this eyebrows for her client. The hairstrokes are rougher and not natural.
  • 7D angeBrows 原生眉 is our artistic eyebrow combining hair strokes it is also known is brow resurrection. Strokes are finer and looks natural.
  • Misty angeBrows 粉黛眉 is our signature powdery eyebrow. It looks like you draw your eyebrow with eyebrows shadow.
  • Fusion angeBrows 千禧眉 is the latest technique consisting of hairstrokes and misty effect, it looks like you have a set of eyebrows with eyebrow makeup on.


Which type of eyebrows should I go for?

  • If you have full but pale eyebrow we encourage you to do MISTY BROWS 粉黛眉
  • If you have less or pale eyebrows we encourage you to do 7D BROWS 原生眉
  • If you have partial eyebrow or no eyebrow we encourage you to do FORTUNE BROWS 千禧眉

What colours are available?

  • Chocolate Brown
  • Coffee Brown
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Grey Chocolate
  • Black Chocolate

How long does it last?

  • It will last up to 3 years after a touch up session within 6 months

Is peeling ugly?

  • You will enjoy painless and almost no downtime once after the procedure! *
  • *Depending on individual skin
  • Peeling starts on the 3rd or 4th day
  • It looks like there is uneven colour on the eyebrows which is absolutely normal
  • Peeling will be completed after 2 weeks which final result of the eyebrows shows up
  • Touch up is only possible after 5 weeks from the first session

Do we need 2nd touch-up?

  • Depending on individual skin metabolism
  • The higher the skin metabolism, the faster the colour fades
  • 2nd touch-up is recommended within 5 weeks to 6 months after the first session

How long does the eyebrows process take?

  • Max 2 hours

Is it pain?

  • 100% painless

During the process, what should you do?

  • It is recommended not to wear makeup if possible
  • I will remove the makeup and sanitize the entire area of the eyebrows

After the process, what should you do?

  • Keep the eyebrows away from water for at least 3 hours before cleansing your eyebrows
  • Apply repair cream two times morning and evening each, until your eyebrows finished peeling
  • Always keep the eyebrows dry from water or sweat
  • Do not use hot shower for 2 weeks directly on the eyebrows, heat will open of skin pores and damage healing skin
  • Do not do sauna for 2 weeks, heat will open of skin pores and damage healing skin
  • Do not swim for 2 weeks due to chemicals in the pool or minerals in the sea water
  • Do not do make up on the eyebrows until the eyebrows peels off
  • Avoid applying makeup or foundation to eyebrows for 2 weeks due to possibility of bacteria infection
  • Avoid whitening or citric acid products on the eyebrows
  • Avoid using facial mask mud around the eyebrows area
  • You may go for facial treatment, but you should inform your beautician to take care and avoid the eyebrows area
  • You may do facial mask sheet, but you should apply repair cream on your eyebrows before overlaying the mask sheet onto your face
  • If you encounter any complication, please attend to the doctor for relevant treatmen

How to apply repair cream?

  • Keep water away from your newly fixed eyebrows for first 3 hours
  • Rinse water and cleanse your face with your daily facial care cleanser
  • Avoid rubbing your eyebrows
  • Use dry cloth to dry off your face and eyebrows gently with dabbing style
  • Tiny squeeze of the repair cream onto a cotton bud
  • Apply a thin layer of repair cream thoroughly and gently
  • If your sweat, sip off the sweat from the eyebrows, dry it and reapply repair cream
  • Avoid using citric acid or whitening products on eyebrows in all cost

How eyebrows get the final effect?

  • First day the skin is still considered as open wound
  • 2nd to 3rd day the eyebrows will appear darker than the 1st day as the skin is forming scabs
  • 4th to 5th day eyebrows start peeling
  • 6th to 14th day eyebrows peel and you may find uneven tone which is a normal condition
  • Final effect can be obtained after 14 days
  • Final pigment is 40% less toned than the first day pigment
  • Touchup within 6 months to be recommended in order your eyebrows to last for at least another 1 to 3 years

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