Bumebine Mask Natural Soap

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Made from natural ingredients such as, Snail Extracts, Bee
Extracts, Tomato and Strawberry Extracts and Collagen.


✔ Allows the skin to be more radiant from the first use.

✔ Helps reduce the appearance of Dark spots

✔ Get rid of bacteria causing acne..

✔ Helps Heal scars to fade.

Bumebime soap is made from natural extracts.

✔ Extract from the Snail slime. The special feature is go help heal and
nourish, heal wounds and scars to fade and disappear completely.

✔ Extract from honey leaves skin soft and moisturized.

✔ AHA acid from citrus fruits.

✔ Glutathione helps skin look brighter

🍋Deep cleansing effect

🍇After exfoliate, the new skin feel fresh no peel

🍈Made from many natural fruit extracts and collagen

🍊Variety of vitamins which nourishes skin

🍒Smooth and moisturize skin

*** Special features is to shed dead skin cells,leaving skin white with aura.


To be used during shower, lather the soap into foam and rub on
skin for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse off thoroughly.

For best results, continue on with your daily basic body/skin care
routine such as sunscreen lotion.

**For more effective results, do use it consistenly and scrub longer when its foamy. You will be able to see the difference.


* FDA Approved, GMP Certified!

* Halal!

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