10-Piece White Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

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Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of:
Among a sea of black, boring tools of the trade circulating the beauty sphere, we just launched the most magical-looking brushes you could ever imagine.
Inspired by everyone’s fav mythical creatures, we give you: WHITE UNICORN BRUSHES!

Yes that's right, the Instagram-worthy White Unicorn Brush Set have made their way to SwanHeartx!
Lovingly crafted with delicate, white horn inspired handles and plush silky white bristles, this 10 piece brush set features tools for all your blending and buffing, eye
and base perfecting needs.

A magical brush set with pearlescent, opalescent handles twisted into horn-like grips.
We can safely say they’re almost too pretty to use!
We’re also dreaming of all the flat lay picture possibilities, and oh WOW, #instagoals doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Also - all materials are vegan (no unicorns, or any animals were harmed in the making of our brushes :)
Hurry and get a set of these Beautiful makeup brushes to enchant your inner unicorn!

10-Piece White Horn Makeup Brush Set

>Handle: Twisted White Horn Plastics Handle
>Hair: Silky Soft Synthetic Hair Bristles
>Use For: Foundation, Eyeshadow, Blusher

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