5-Piece Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

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Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of:
Among a sea of black, boring tools of the trade circulating the beauty sphere, we just launched the most magical-looking brushes you could ever imagine.
Inspired by everyone’s fav mythical creatures, we give you: UNICORN BRUSHES!

Yes that's right, the Instagram-worthy Unicorn Brushes Set have made their way to SwanHeartx!
Lovingly crafted with delicate, unicorn inspired handles and plush rainbow hued bristles, this 5 piece brush set features tools for all your blending and buffing, eye
and base perfecting needs.

A magical brush set with pearlescent, opalescent handles twisted into horn-like grips, and pastel, multi-coloured ombre bristles,
we can safely say they’re almost too pretty to use!
We’re also dreaming of all the flat lay picture possibilities, and oh WOW, #instagoals doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Also - all materials are vegan (no unicorns, or any animals were harmed in the making of our brushes :)
Hurry and get a set of these Beautiful makeup brushes to enchant your inner unicorn!

5-Piece Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

>Handle: White / Silver Pearlescent, Tapered unicorn horn Handles
>Hair: Multicolor Rainbow Prmium Synthetic Pastel Ombre Soft Bristles
>Use For: Foundation, Eyeshadow, Blusher

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