Bare Lifts Instant Breast Lift Tape

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10 pieces of Bare Lifts (5 pairs) in 1 pack
$4 for 1 pack (80 cents per pair)

Bare lifts serves as an invisible tape that helps to INSTANTLY lift up and support breasts.
This is especially Ideal for lifting saggy breasts, or when you need to wear backless outfits, and cannot wear a bra for support.

With bare lifts, you can lift each breast and realign them to a higher position, to create a healthy and naturally perky look!
Bare lifts are the perfect solution for 24-hour breast support that is virtually invisible.

Easy to use! Simply place the Bare Lifts on top of your breast, peel off the backing, and lift it to your desired position and you're ready to go!
It's that simple to get the shape, support and confidence that every woman desires!

Watch a video demo on how Bare Lifts works, and how to use it!:


- As seen on TV!
- It Fits all breast sizes, whether you are an A, B, C or D cup!

- You can choose to Use it with a bra, or on its own, with a nipple sticker
- ideal for backless and strapless outfits
- It's waterproof, and great when used beneath swimsuits too!
- Lasts 24 hours and will not slip off - Makes you look and feel great all day long!

- Comfortable and carefree, yet secure!
- Completely strapless and painless
- Better than wearing an uncomfortable push up bra, and worrying about it sliding down!

- Simple solution for sagging breasts without surgery.
- Defy Gravity.
- Safe, Fast, Convenient
- Skin friendly. Latex free.
- Perfect shape & support
- No bulging

How to use:

1. Peel off the lower side of the backing.
2. Apply the lower half just above nipple. (press it smooth to avoid wrinkles and or creases)
3. Bend the top side down then peel away the rest of the backing.
4. Use the upper half of the lift to lift breast into ideal position.
5. Press the upper half of the lift to your skin.

*** Please note that Bare Lifts is not a nipple tape/sticker which covers the nipple.
You still have to stick on your own nipple tape or bra.
Bare lifts are perfect to be used together with our very own line of nipple covers:

- SwanHeartx Silicon Nipple Pads
- SwanHeartx Cloth Nipple Pads
- SwanHeartx Disposable Nipple Stickers

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