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NuLock Bluetooth Smart Lock with Alarm and Mobile App Control

Think about how many locks left in your garage but you just can not find their keys?
Or trying to remember the combination for a lock you only open once in a blue moon?
Or your bike got stolen by someone cutting off your cable lock?

A Smart Bluetooth keyless alarmed lock is able to address all of these problems.

Say goodbye to keys! Open your lock the smart way!

Download mobile app

Unlock bike with the unique password which you have set

You can also give the password to anyone, so that they can open the lock without you being around!

If you’re after convenience, You can set the lock to open automatically just by you getting near it, without you having to even take out your phone, as long as you are within bluetooth range.


  • The Nulock is made from the same braided stainless steel chain that’s used on top tier bicycle locks. 
  • These locks give you the benefit of being extremely difficult to cut or break, while remaining lightweight and flexible. 
  • This means that you can use this lock on everything from a BMX bike to a smaller motor bike. 
  • We’ve coated the entire thing with a rubber sleeve to make it last much longer. 
  • But perhaps most importantly, the entire electronic section is IPX certified, allowing it to withstand any environmental variable.
  • The batteries are also designed to be long lasting. The three AAA batteries give you up to 8 months of usage, so you’ll rarely need to change them.
  • And the app always shows the battery power level and warns you og low battery with alternating red and blue lights on the lock when power is less than 20% off left. 


  • This is where the Nulock really stands out. There are a number of sensors installed that can detect and deter theft. 
  • First, it can sense vibration that would be present if anyone tried to cut or saw their way through the cable. It’s impossible to get a clean cut with braided cable, so even bolt cutters would trigger the alarm. 
  • Disassembly and wire sensors give two ways for the device to protect against tampering. 
  • And if anything is detected? It will trigger a 110db alarm. This is nearly as loud as the sound of an airplane taking off, and we’re pretty confident it will stop any thief in his tracks.
  • Alarm sounds when cables are clipped / batteries are removes / when shaken or vibrated too vigorously / when it senses someone trying to mess around with it!

  • Apps work for Both iOS and Android (iPhone 4s and above - Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 above)
  • Size: 92 x 55 x 34mm
  • Material: ABS plastic hard cover, copper + Braided steel cable wrapped with rubber. Designed for a long time use. Braided Cable is 0.4" in diameter and 31" in length works for most security needs.
  • Product weight: 230g
  • Power: 3 AAA size Batteries (Included Free Of Charge!)
  • Alarm Loudness Level: 110dB
  • WATERPROOF CERTIFICATION: IP44 (Splash resistant) certified and Operates in temperatures between -14 to 140 Fahrenheit


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