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SPARKS Bright Hair Dye Long lasting 3 months

Sparks conditions as it colors, leaving the hair healthier looking than ever before. You get the color that you want with hair that you’ll love. It’s long lasting bright hair color that stays bold and fun for as long as you need it. Sparks Hair Color is designed to be able to be mixed with other Sparks Colors. You can create all kinds of new colors with the 19 different shades, plus a crystal clear that can give you different levels of pastel on any color! Sparks hair color is very simple to apply. There is no activator or developer needed. It is deposit only hair color. The added conditioning even makes it easier to maintain and keep healthy, bright, and beautiful. To capture your personality through creative color designs, our SPARKS Bright Haircolor has become the leader in creative hair color, with long lasting results.

Also available for ADD ON:
Sparks Bleach Kit
In-House bleach 100ml [ For Short Hair ]
Purple Shampoo

Life is too short to have boring hair! Join those ready to dive into the rainbow with Sparks and get color that will last! Whether you know that you were always supposed to have blue locks or you're supporting a cause you love, Sparks will help you express yo' self in every shade!

  • High quality professional hair coloring system
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • 3 oz tube of direct dye - no developer needed
  • Use Crystal Clear as a top coat to add impeccable shine or as a mixer with any Sparks color to create beautiful pastel color options.
  • Sparks Creme Developer and Powder Lightener also available

** To achieve maximum color results and retention, follow the directions for processing time. Over-processing will fade the color. Also, be sure to pre-lighten your hair with Sparks Lightening system (Powder Lightener and 20 Vol Developer) before you color.


Sparks Hair Dye
Sparks Hair Color 




  • WHAT TYPE OF DYE IS SPARKS?Sparks is a professional quality direct dye. This special dye system allows you to apply the color straight out of the tube directly onto the hair with no need to mix with anything else. The color you see coming out of your tube, is the color you will see in your hair.
  • CAN SPARKS BE MIXED WITH OTHER SPARKS COLORS?Yes! Sparks are formulated so they can be easily mixed with other Sparks colors. We encourage you to play around with different color combinations to create any color imaginable. Remember the color you see in the bowl is the color you will see in your hair. Use our Crystal Clear to pastel or lighten any shade. Get creative and invent your own color or click here for our recommended mixes.
  • CAN IT BE MIXED WITH OTHER BRIGHT COLORS FROM OTHER BRANDS?No. Sparks are unique and different from other brands. Processing times, ingredient combinations and mixing options may vary with other brands. Please always mix Sparks with other Sparks colors.
  • DO YOU NEED TO MIX SPARKS WITH ANYTHING?No, you do not need to mix Sparks with anything for the color to adhere to the hair. Sparks should only be mixed with other Sparks colors for total creative customization.
  • IS IT SAFE TO USE HEAT ON MY HAIR AFTERWARDS?Yes. We recommend using a styling product with thermal protectant to further the life of your Sparks shade.
  • HOW CAN I PREVENT STAINING MY SKIN?Gloves are a great tool when applying Sparks to hair. A heavy moisturizer or Vaseline around the hair line helps to prevent color from adhering to the skin along the face. If stains do occur, be sure to wash immediately with soap and water.
  • WILL SPARKS STAIN MY BATHTUB?Since Sparks is a staining direct dye, you may see staining in your bathtub. Use a bleach-based product to clean your bathtub and remove any stains.
  • HOW CAN I PREVENT SPARKS FROM BLEEDING ONTO HAIR THAT I DON'T WANT TO COLOR?By nature, Sparks will wash from the hair every time the hair is shampooed . Mild transfer is inevitable but can be prevented. Isolate the Sparks colored hair when shampooing to minimize color transfer.
  • DO I NEED TO WEAR GLOVES?We highly recommend wearing gloves when applying Sparks to eliminate staining of hands.
  • WHAT TOOLS DO I NEED TO APPLY SPARKS?For the easiest and cleanest application we recommend the following:
    -A towel you don't mind staining
    -Hair clips
    -Color brush
    -Color bowl
  • WHERE ON YOUR HAIR DO YOU BEGIN APPLYING SPARKS? DO YOU START AT THE ENDS OR AT THE ROOTS?The easiest way to apply Sparks is to clip all the hair up and start at the nape of the neck for an all-over look, applying from roots to ends. Since Sparks employ a direct dye, they don't require heat to process, and there is no progression in color development.
  • HOW LONG DO I LEAVE SPARKS IN MY HAIR?Sparks should process at room temperature for 20 minutes. Don't worry if you leave it on longer though, nothing bad will happen.
  • DO I RINSE THE COLOR OR SHAMPOO IT?The hair should be clean and dry when applied, so thoroughly rinsing the color is sufficient. Be sure to rinse the hair until the water runs clear to ensure you've rinsed off all residual color. This will assist in minimizing any residual transfer of the color after the procedure.
  • I KNOW SPARKS IS VEGAN, BUT DOESN'T IT CONTAIN WHEAT PRODUCTS?Yes, Sparks contains wheat proteins to strengthen the hair as it colors.
  • I KNOW SPARKS IS A LONG-LASTING BRIGHT HAIR DYE BUT DO I NEED TO SEAL THE COLOR IN WITH ANYTHING?No need to �seal� Sparks in, they are the longest-lasting bright hair dyes in the market. We do recommend rinsing with cool water so that the hair cuticle seals, adding shine and longevity.


  • HOW LONG WILL SPARKS LAST IN MY HAIR?Sparks is the longest-lasting bright hair dye available and will last in the hair up to 3 months. The durability of the color in the hair depends on several factors including:
    -Porosity or condition of the hair
    This references the health of the hair. If hair is damaged or overly porous, it lacks the internal fiber to adequately retain color, which leads to more rapid color fading.
    -Shampoo use
    Some shampoos may strip color from the hair faster, leading to more rapid fading of color. Be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo for the longest-lasting results.
    If one chooses to apply Sparks to hair that has not been pre-lightened, the color will not be nearly as bold or vibrant and the color will fade more quickly.
  • HOW DO I REMOVE SPARKS FROM MY HAIR?There is not a remover for Sparks. The color either needs to fade out or be covered with a darker color.


  • DO I HAVE TO PRE-LIGHTEN MY HAIR BEFORE APPLYING SPARKS?There are 2 options when applying Sparks:
    1. Apply Sparks to pre-lightened hair for the longest-lasting and brightest results
    2. Apply Sparks as an overlay on top of hair that has not been pre-lightened for a very subtle look with less durability
  • HOW LONG DO I LEAVE THE LIGHTENER ON MY HAIR?The length of time necessary to achieve the proper degree of lightness varies based on the starting hair color level and the level to be achieved. Typically this will be 20-45 minutes. Using the pre-lightening chart, determine what your target lightness level will be. Apply the lightener mixture and periodically check the hair until the proper level of lightness is achieved. To avoid excessive damage and/or breakage, do not apply lightener to hair that has been previously lightened. 

    Caution: Lightening your hair can cause damage. To avoid excessive damage, perform a stress test during lightening. Approximately every 10 minutes, gently stretch the strands of your hair. If the hair stretches and is elastic, continue processing until the desired level is achieved. However, if the hair does not stretch, is not elastic or breaks, immediately rinse the lightener from the hair and apply a hair conditioner.


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