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How much does this cost?

  • Lashful Eyeliner 美瞳眼线 $488
  • Classic Eyeliner 经典眼线 $488

What does this cost include?

  • One restoration touchup within 4 months
  • Repair Cream

What are the differences between Old Fashioned, Lashful and Classic Eyeliner?

  • Old fashioned eyeliner 古典眼线 could be thin or thick and long-tailed eyeliner that exceeds the proportion of your eyes. Somehow pigment turns greenish after a certain period. Old Fashioned eyeliner only consists of upper part of the lashes which Angelina no longer do this for her clients.
  • Lashful Eyeliner 美瞳眼线 is thinner than classic eyeliner, suitable for whom want to enhance their eyes including ladies & gentlemen OR for whom has pale eyelashes OR for whom doesn't want to do eyelashes extension. Lashful eyeliner consists only of the eyelashes.
  • Classic Eyeliner 经典眼线 is thicker than lashful eyeliner with short tail, suitable for whom does not want to draw eyeliner on every makeup routine OR for whom does not know how to draw eyeliner OR for whom has droopy eyes. Classic Eyeliner consists of the entire part of eyelashes and upper eyelashes. Classical eyeliner is not an old fashioned eyeliner.

Which type of eyeliner should we go for?

  • If you have decided and ready to go for thicker eyeliner then classical will be your choice. Classical eyeliner is thick and irreversible to thinner.
  • If you have existing thin eyeliner or old fashioned eyeliner, you should go for classical eyeliner.
  • If you do not have experience on whether thick eyeliner suits you or not, then go for lashful eyeliner first, during 2nd or 3rd touchup, you may choose to go for thicker eyeliner or eyeliner restoration.

What colours are available?

  • For Asian skin, we use Nano Black pigment

How long does it last?

  • 2 to 4 years depending on one's skin metabolism.
  • The higher the skin metabolism, the faster it fades away

Do we need 2nd touchup?

  • 95% of my clients do not need a touch up
  • Some clients may want go for even thicker eyeliner
  • Touch up is possible after 3 months

How long is the eyeliner process?

  • Maximum 2 hours

Is it pain?

  • 100% painless 

During the process, what should we do?

  • Do not wear contact lens
  • Do not wear eyeliner or mascara
  • I will request to remove them if you wear

After the process, what should we do?

  • Sore only last for 6 to 12 hours, the feeling of wake up from crying
  • Do not rub your eyes
  • Use aftercare repair cream to prevent scar and promote speedy healing 
  • Apply repair cream once every morning and night after daily facial cleansing
  • Apply repair cream with new cotton bud on top of the eye lid, do not apply too near to your lashes as the cream may flow into your eyes and blur your vision
  • After repair cream, you may continue applying your daily skin care products
  • Final effect can be seen after all scabs drop off, normally takes 7 days
  • Black pigment will occasionally smudge around the eye which is absolutely normal, this means your skin is still carrying healing process
  • Use normal saline, 0.9% sodium chloride or contact lens water to clear your eyes whenever possible within 5 days
  • Some individuals may experience thick scabs which is normal, do not pick it or tear it, this action may cause scarring or depigmentation

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