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Luxuriously long and luscious eyelashes have always been hailed as enviable in the fashion empire. Back in the ’60s, falsies saw annual sales of 20 million pairs each. Today, we’ve ventured past the hassle of daily glue-ons, into a gloriously convenient and time-friendly universe of semi-permanent extensions.


Swan Beauty’s au naturale eyelash extensions offers each individual a dosage of volume and length, according to specific needs and preferences. We’ve long since championed our curation and customisation qualities, and in keeping with this tenor, we’ll make sure to have you advised on the ultimate, perfect set of lash extensions best suited for your facial features, personal preferences, and lifestyle habits. Upon your first visit, expect a thorough consultation with our in-house beauty veteran, Yan, whose wholesome expertise previously saw her through nine full years as a senior beautician at Browhaus. You’ll get a rundown on the differences between our copious offerings, granting you full authority to make an informed decision with our recommendations in mind.


Regardless of pick, each falsie will be glued on top of your natural lash, at approximately one millimetre away from your eyelid, to ensure there won’t be any contact between the glue or the product with your skin. The falsies will be applied one at a time using a semi-permanent glue – specially formulated to ensure a damage- and irritation-free experience. Your natural lashes will not be harmed in the one- to two-hour process.


Price List:

Eyelash Extensions

  • Cluster Extensions $38 per session
  • Natural Single Strand Unlimited $48 per session
  • Volume 6D Unlimited Strand by Strand $68 per session
  • Russian Volume Unlimited Strand by Strand $88 per session
  • Eyelash Extensions Spa Cleaning $38 per session
  • Eyelash Extension Removal $18 per session (free when redoing a new set with us!)

Natural Eyelash Enhancement 

  • Lash Lift $38 per session
  • Lash Tint (Upper + Lower Lashes) $28 per session
  • Lash Lift + Tint $60 per session
  • Eyelash Stimulation Regrowth $388 per session

What are the differences between the eyelash services provided?

  • Natural, Single, Unlimited Strand-by-Strand Extensions: Soft single-strand eyelash extensions, paired up with each of your natural eyelash strands individually, meticulously. Lightweight. Opens up the eyes for a bright, revitalised impression. Keeps things looking natural and good. 

  • Volume 4D-6D, Unlimited Strand-by-Strand Extensions: A few Single-strand eyelash extensions, paired up with each of your natural eyelash strands individually, meticulously. Leaves your eyes looking bigger and fuller. Lashes will look wholesome and thick. Obvious without being over-the-top. 

  • Russian Volume, Unlimited Strand-by-Strand Extensions: Several Weightless single-strand eyelashes, paired up with each of your natural eyelash strands individually, meticulously. Russian eyelash, fan like eyelashes: Dramatic. Bold. Striking.Great for portrait photography and special occasions. Creates the eyeliner effect. 

  • Cluster Extensions: Want the Dolly / Glamourous Volumious eyelash effect, BUT not able to achieve it with single strand extensions because your original lashes are sparse, and you have bald spots? - Then These are for you! Get groomed in the speediest time! Achieve a voluminous effects with just a small amount of extensions. Swish-Swoosh! Off you sashay to your next appointment!
  • Eyelash Extensions Spa Cleaning For the removal of residue and excess oil from your lashes. Sanitises, cleanses, refreshes. Strengthens extensions and increases their lifespan.
  • Eyelash Extensions Touchup : To qualify for FREE touch-ups, appointments must be within 2 weeks from the intial application session. Touch-ups fix and replenish loose extension strands, and fill in eyelashes that fell off (less than 30% of the eyelash extensions.) If more than 30% of the eyelash extensions have fallen off, eyelash removal and full set of new eyelash extensions will be recommended instead.
  • Eyelash Extensions Removal: 

    Want a break? Not feeling it? We’ll get your extensions out for you. FREE for customers who are visiting to get a new set of lashes done by us!

  • Eyelash Lift: Perms up your natural lashes for easier mascara application, makes the lashes look more obvious, and "opens up" the eye! Add on a Lash Tint to create the "Curled + Mascara Lash Effect"!

  • Eyelash Stimulation: Regrowth 孕睫 : Activates lash follicles to promote growth of your own natural eyelashes, thus increasing lash density, length, and saturation, resulting in long, dark, thick lashes. Results visible on the third week. 3 sessions (within a 3-month period) are needed to achieve sustainable results.


Types of eyelashes we have:

  • Length: 8mm - 15mm
  • Type: Premium Mink
  • Thickness: 0.07mm - 0.15mm
  • Curl: J-Curl, B-Curl , C-curl, D-Curl, 


AfterCare Guide

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