Gluta Wink White Lotion Whitening Moisturizer with SPF60

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Update: This product has currently been sold out and discontinued, and replaced with a New and improved Formulation and Packaging!

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Gluta Wink White Lotion Whitening Moisturizer Sunblock with SPF 60
Thailand Bestseller, Results in 1 week!

Gluta Wink White Lotion is a bestselling star product in Thailand! The secret to why Thai girls are so fair and pretty despite the sunny weather!
You can easily Google for countless positive reviews!

* I only bring in products which I have tried personally, and experienced positive results, and I can confidently say that this is 1 of the best
products which produced an obvious, visible result on me, in just 1 week! That is why I hope for you to try and see for yourself too!

  • What I absolutely love about this product is its bubblegum smell! It is well known for having a really sweet fragrance!
  • Also, I find that it has INSTANT whitening properties, because it is a thick white cream, so after applying, my skin immediately looks 1-2 
  • shades fairer already!
  • It absorbs really well into the skin, and does not give that sticky feel that some creams do!
  • I suffer from eczema, and I feel that this lotion actually helps to improve my condition by keeping my skin moisturised! Skin feels really smooth and silky too!

- powerful and effective ingredients
- addictive sweet bubble gum scent
- adorable and playful label design
- It comes With Sunscreen SPF 60, meaning it's a sunblock + moiturising lotion in 1!
- It has an instant whitening effect too!
- Continued use will reveal a much fairer skin but using it once has a glowy effect already :p
- Protects skin from sunlight, whitens and nourishes skin
- vitamin E helps skin discoloration, and Vitamin C strengthens and smoothes skin.
- Makes skin white and moist throughout the day.
- reduces hereditary black spots within 1-2 weeks
- The cream is absorbed into the skin immediately with molecular nanotechnology, and has a non-sticky formula
- safe with no mercury Or hazardous substances

• Mix Fruit AHA extracted from the fruit of many kinds. Vitamin Nourishing Concentrate
• Jojoba Oil to reduce irritation. White skin moisturiser
• Vitamin E slows skin aging.
• Glutathione, reduce skin melanin.
• Vitamin C, healthy skin.
• Collagen , Strengthens skin

How to use: Apply to skin daily - morning and evening.
For best results, use it after bathing with any of the Gluta Wink White soaps. (Click here to buy!)

Registration number: 10-1-5723556
Product : Made In Thailand
Net Weight: 300 ml.

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