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Whether you were born with a large, uneven forehead or your hairline has been creeping up and disappearing over time due to hair thinning; the shape and size of your forehead can drastically change your overall appearance.

Hairline embroidery is a more cost effective alternative option that guarantees the effect of a fuller hairline, instead of surgical hair transplants . No more wide forehead!
This new treatment utilises 6HD embroidery (usually reserved for eyebrows) to cover hair loss and mimic real hair – safely and almost painlessly!
Procedures is safe, no side effects and will not lead to further hairloss

Hairline Embroidery or Scalp Micropigmentation suits male & female with receding hairline, alopecia areata(pattern hair loss), bald patch, thinning hair( scalp exposed) etc.
We use latest Korean Semi-Permanent Techniques to construction hair-like strokes that mimic real hair.
It will be instant boost of your self-esteem and confidence surge in your self image.
Customize color & style of strokes to blend in with your natural hair color & hairstyle.

The latest in semi-permanent makeup, 6HD Reconstruction is the most advanced offering available in the market today, where each stroke mimics the natural appearance and direction of growth of every individual strand of hair. This process involves the introduction of natural iron oxide pigments into the epidermis via a special embroidery needle, and every shade is custom blended to perfectly match your natural shading. The pigments are manufactured in a sterile lab free of free floating microbes, ensuring none of the pigments will ever be at risk of contamination. The 6HD reconstruction procedure involves creating up to six layers of fine, short strokes into the skin, ensuring a guaranteed natural look with no obvious gaps. It is far less painful compared to conventional tattooing and the pigment does not fade into an unnatural hue.

Similar to eyebrow embroidery, after careful consultation to design a hairline best suitable for you facial features, it takes around 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. There is no recovery period required and you can get a natural look in no time!

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