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Hair thinning and hair loss come in all shapes and sizes, and nothing is quite as discouraging as slow-growing or thinning hair. 

Each shampoo and dye commercial on the television seems like a slap in the face. Print advertising seems to rely singularly on the awe and wonder inspired by long, silky tresses. For this reason, many men and women turn to shampoo for growing hair to assist stubborn locks that are, seemingly, determined to remain short, or to fall out altogether. 

These woes can arise due to a multitude of possible factors: oil-clogged hair follicles, an unhealthy scalp lacking Moisture and Vitamins, poor diet, poor circulation, stress, and aging, to name just a few.


Ian Zachary's Intensive Anti Loss Scalp Treatment Ampoules aim to combat the effects of these:

Its special formula, containing extracts of ginseng and capsicum, slows excessive hair loss and dilates the blood vessels of the scalp, increasing the oxygen supply to the cells.

It stimulates circulation to the scalp, increasing the amount of blood supply carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

It also supplies nutrients which control excessive oil secretion, the main cause of hair loss.

The glycoproteins and soy protein stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair shaft, promoting vigour and volume.




Apply the contents of an ampoule on a clean, dry scalp. Massage the scalp lightly with a gentle, circular movement of the fingertips to aid in absorption. Do not rinse.



Apply every other day for the first week, then once per week, until the scalp returns to normal.


1 Box contains 24 single vials (10 ml)


Made in Spain
Ian Zachary products are all HSA-Approved
SwanHeartx is the Certified Exclusive Sole Distributor of Ian Zachary Brand in Singapore






Since its conception in 1999, IAN ZACHARY has been fully committed to a singular, MANE mission: To provide premium products of standards high enough to satisfy even the most discerning particularities of the fussiest hair aficionado. And it’s achieved precisely that.

What was once the newborn brainchild of FARVITAL – CARASA LABORATORIOS (the line’s parent company, which pioneered hair dye, back in the ’30s), has since expanded beyond European borders and expectations, in under a decade. With quality, innovation and R&D serving as pillars that ground the brand’s core values and beliefs, it’s no surprise that IAN ZACHARY can now also be found in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North, Central and South America.




Our Products and Our Pledge

IAN ZACHARY hair care products are made in Spain, created and launched after years of close, meticulous partnership with hairdressers and salons alike.
Their line of products and hair dyes are commonly distributed to salons for professional use.
They’re also HSA-approved – evidence of the brand’s attentiveness to hair health.

IAN ZACHARY products deliver confidence and style in the form of luscious, gleaming, silky-smooth tufts, even with dyed hair.
Beauty and hair health are both completely prioritised - an achievement through rigorous research and development.

IAN ZACHARY will continue to work with passion, awareness, and enthusiasm, in order to upkeep its duty of always providing the very best.

SwanHeartx is the Certified Exclusive Sole Distributor of Ian Zachary Brand in Singapore


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