Ian Zachary Colour Protecting Shampoo

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We all love a strong colour payoff. But with great hair endeavours comes great responsibility, and it’s important for us to actively do our duty in ensuring our madeover mane stay healthy, prevailing over even the most drying and damaging side effects that arise from dye jobs.

Whether you love experimenting with colours or simply need to keep those greys under wraps, it’s important to note that dyeing your hair can lead to dry and damaged hair, especially without proper care and maintenance.

Standard shampoo is meant to give a thorough cleanse to the dirtiest hair. To do this, it contains harsh ingredients that strip away oils so that your hair feels “squeaky clean.” These factors will cause your precious hair color molecules to escape from the strands. So regular shampoo not only dries out your hair and makes it dull, but it makes your color fade faster too.

Using a good colour-protecting shampoo is essential to repair and cleanse your locks, while preventing the colour from fading.

That’s where Ian Zachary comes in.


Definitively formulated for use on dyed locks, the brand’s Colour Protecting Shampoo takes tender, lovin’ hair care to new heights. It regulates the hair’s pH levels and keeps it au naturel, thus allowing for silky, strengthened strands with an extended colour lifespan.

Meanwhile, special ingredients panthenol and oat extract work in tandem with the ultra-moisturising panthenyl ethyl ether to condition the hair – keeping it hydrated, leaving it voluminous, and locking in its natural sheen.

This means that your hair will be kept looking luscious and vibrant for days and days on end, in other words, it helps maintain yours dye jobs longers = Longer time between trips to the salon? Totally worth it!




Apply to wet hair, massage it into the scalp as per how you’d use regular shampoo, and leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Made in Spain
Ian Zachary products are all HSA-Approved
SwanHeartx is the Certified Exclusive Sole Distributor of Ian Zachary Brand in Singapore

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