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🌸 ICE MORINO mouthwash 🌸 A BOX OF 12 @$12.90

Many factors can contribute to bad breath: smoking🚬, eating🍕, not drinking enough water🥛 etc. So how do we prevent it?

ICE MORINO is a product of Korea 🇰🇷 which freshens your breath and removes bacteria and plague, leaving your mouth fresh and clean, in just 20 seconds!
It is also able to remove dirt trapped in between your teeth that toothbrush alone is unable to!

What it does:
✅ Eliminates Bad Breath
✅ Lessens Plaque
✅ Whitens Teeth

Comes in 2 different flavors (MINT/FRUITY)

A box of Ice Morino consists of 12 disposable sachets at 12ml each.

Sachets are so convenient to bring around!
No need to brush your teeth in the office washroom after lunch anymore!

With just one sachet, it is enough to gargle out your problems!

‼️How to use Ice Morino?
One sachet per use
Gargle in mouth for 20 seconds
No need rinse again with water as it's very good your gum and teeth!!

Ice Morino has a shelf life of 2 years! However, it is recommended to finish one sachet at a time.

Keep your oral hygiene on point! All in just one sachet, how convenient!😍


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