K Brothers Rice Milk Soap

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K Brothers Rice Milk Soap From Thailand

This is the original popular Pure milky jasmine rice soap that made the company SO famous in Thailand!

PLEASE NOTE: There are many fraud cases & replicas because this soap is BEST SELLER in Thailand!
Please only purchase from reliable suppliers like us as our soaps are 100% authentic & imported from Thailand!

🔺 Herbal Moisturizing Soap made from 100% ORIGINAL milk rice with fragrant aroma and is soft with very fine foam.
🔺 A rice soap that is made of 100% natural finest jasmine rice extract ingredient enriched with vitamin B.
🔺 Designed to make your skin whiter, smoother, firmer, brighter, beautiful and clean.
🔺 Suitable for all skin types types including dry and sensitive skin


  • Rice milk imparts a whitening effect to the skin and lightens your skin complexion without any side effects 
  • Vitamin E helps to reduce facial spots and eliminate pimples and acne gently without irritating the skin.
  • It helps to lighten scars and other dark spots on your face
  • Retains moisture & keep skin from getting dry & wrinkled! 
  • It also helps lighten freckles as well as prevent and relieve sun-burnt skin while deeply moisturising it.
  • Effective for use at armpit area, elbows and knees and at neck and groin areas where the skin color is usually darker and sometimes uneven.

- It leaves a gentle glow on your face
- It helps to even your skin tone when used regularly
- It seals your skin with good moisture and helps eliminate excess oil secretion

- Can be used on face and body!
- Suitable for both male & female 👩👨

🔹 5cm x 5 cm
🔹 NET wt: 60g

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