Lace-Up Stick On Bra

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Drawstring Stick On Bra For Maximum Cleavage & Push Up!


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Few thousand pieces sold, all satisfied customers with good reviews! Buy with confidence! 😁

For Ultimate cleavage enhancement!
Newest style in the market!
Time to ditch the standard stick on bras with central clip closure!
This lace up stick on bra allows you to tighten and adjust strings till you achieve the ideal cleavage that you desire!
Ultimate push-up and enhancement from Cup A to C instantly!

1. Stick on the bra pads
2. Tighten the rubberized adjustment strings
3. Bra pads will gather the breasts close together to create a deep cleavage!

Watch the video, See how to use it, as well as the effects it can produce!:

* High quality, durable, super sticky, won't fall off easily! Lasts up to 8-10 hours!
* Water-resistant and can even be used when swimming!
* Washable and reusable more than 200 times!
* Exquisite tailoring, butterfly / angel wing design, adhesive extends right till the edges of the pads to ensure a rounded, smooth and seamless fit!
* Ultra light and comfortable! Feels like second skin!
* 100% top grade biological silica gel, does not cause discomfort / allergic reaction

A: Suitable for 70A 75A
B: Suitable for 80A 85A 70B 75B
C: Suitable for 80B 85B 70C 75C 80C 85C 70D 75D 80D


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