Little Baby Underarm Cupcake Cream

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Little Baby Underarm Cupcake Cream

Do you feel embarrassed or conscious of your underarms when wearing sleeveless outfits? Fret no more, as we have a solution for you!:
  • Little Baby Underarm Cupcake Cream, the Best for Underarm skincare - softens, smoothens, and whitens your underarms, while reducing perspiration and body odour, and even clearing armpit hair!
  • Results can be seen in just a few days!

If there is a day and night cream for our faces, the same applies to our armpits!

There are 2 flavours available:
- White Chocolate (day) $16
- Original (night) $14

-24 hour care treatment set (consisting of 1 day + 1 night cream) - $29

* An underarm cream that contains Vitamin B3 , Vitamin C and Mulberry Extract to protect the skin from darkening.

* It also contains natural Aloe Vera extract, Chamomile extract, Rose Flower oil and mulberry scents, which gently sooth and moisturize the skin, to make the skin
look soft, hydrated, radiant and healthy.

* Contains Nano-sized Vitamin A , C & E that can easily penetrate into the skin. They help nourish the skin to be more white and fair, healthy, smooth and firm.

* Antioxidant properties that help protect the skin from free radicals, which is a major cause of skin darkening.

  • Perfect for those who have body odour, dark sweat patches, uneven and dull skin tone
  • Can also be used in many parts of the body apart from armpits, such as groin, elbows, buttocks, cracked heels and insects bites
  • Reduce melanin and skin pigmentation
  • Reduces underarm odour
  • Clears underarm hairs
  • High moisture, Hydrates the skin
  • Minimizes perspiration
  • Replacement product for deodorant
  • Enrich underarms with nutrients for healthy skin tone
  • Does not cause any allergies and irritation while you are using it, not sticky
  • No AHA, No No Alcohol, No Chemical irritation or induced hazards 
  • Does not clog pores


✔1-3 days
Slightly diminished chicken skin

✔3-7 days
Slightly lighter skin + diminished chicken skin

✔1-2 weeks
Lighter skin + smoother underarms

✔2 weeks to present
Skin continues to improve

Directions: Apply to underarms evenly twice a day, White Chocolate for morning and Original at night after shower.

Care for your underarms right, so you don't have to feel shy about flashing them in public. Feel comfortable with your underarms!

100% authentic direct from Thailand. FDA Approved.
Net Weight: 50ml each.

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