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Minami Slimming Pill 75sachets for 2.5months!!


CONTENT: 90g (250mg x 6 tablets x 75 sachets) 

DIRECTION FOR USE: Each sachet contain 6 tablets. Take 2 tablets each time before meals with warm water (Finish consume 1 sachet 6 tablets every day) 

● No side effects ● Suitable for weight loss above 12KG
● 1 box contain 75 days consume amount
● Very affordable, consume one sachet per day, 6 tablets per sachet
● Cut off waist and abdomen excess fat and excess water

● Lose weight faster 
● Burn fat 
● Reduce the absorption of sugar 
● With beauty ingredient




Dokkan diet tablets for 10kg weight + 20% fat / Minami Healthyfoodsis a supplement containing a combination Salacia, Gymnema, Kidachiaroe,pepper (red pepper), and chitosan. This is benficial value pack. Please take everyday for your health and beauty.

*The effect depends on each person's condition, it does not guarantee how much you reduce your weight by this product.

Suggested Usage
Please take 1 bag per day with water approximately.


Ingredient [per 1 bag (1.2 g)]
Salacia reticulata extract 60mg
Gymnema sylvestre 24mg
Seawater extract 12mg
St. John's Wort 12mg
Kidachiaroe 12mg
Chitosan (crab) 12mg
Pepper powder 6mg
energy4.65kcal, protein0.049g, fat0.062g, carbohydrate0.973g, sodium0.88mg

calcium:24mg, iron:3.42mg, magnesium:12mg, zinc:1.2mg, selenium:24mcg, chromium:24mcg, vitaminA:228IU, B1:2.4mg, B2:2.4mg, B6:2.4mg, D:48IU


Materials lactose, corn starch, dolomite, Plantago seed coat Obata powder, Salaciareticulata extract, brewer's yeast (amino acid component), Gymnema sylvestre, seawater extract, chromium yeast, selenium yeast, zinc yeast, St. John'swort, Kidachiaroe, chitosan, powdered capsicum, second iron sucrose esters, pyrophosphate, vitamin B1, B2, B6, A, D
Content 90g(200mg*6tab*75bags)
Storing Please save avoiding high temperature and humidity, direct rays of the sun.
Vendor Minami Healthy foods
Others Please keep it out of reach of infants. Please be finished as soon as possible after opening. There are rare cases that it does not fit physical condition. When you feel bad after use, please cancel use immediately.

Q: What different with MINAMI and other brands slimming products? Which one better? 
A: MINAMI slimming product with other weight loss products sold online biggest difference is: MINAMI is a dietary supplement, rather than medicines, perfectly healthy to adopt the most scientific formula on the body without harm body ingredients. 
Q: After taking MINAMI able to lose how many KG and effect immediately? 
A: This does not occur immediately effect because MINAMI is science of weight loss, do not destroy the body and physical health of the original structure, but the auxiliary body weight. As for those products with effective immediately or result in short period after eating, though it seemed obvious effect, but their destruction is on the body and its degree of seriousness will not make you aware immediately, but will affect your health in long terms. 
Q: Eat this MINAMI slimming supplements will appear flustered, physical weakness, diarrhea situation or not? 
A: This problem happen is a common issue after taking slimming products. But after taking MINAMI slimming products will not happen this issue, not to say products will not play a role, but MINAMI using scientific way to lose weight (the product chain of amino acids according to Nobel Prize theory), so let your body perfectly healthy slim down. 
Q: MINAMI is what kind of company, how is the sales volume for this product sold in Japan?
A: MINAMI is Japan's best health food factory, specialize in healthy food. 
Q: Please introduce the fastest and most effective weight loss products?
A: There is no any weight loss product that's suitable for anyone in the world, there is no 100% effective guarantee for anyone. Currently we are selling most popularity good review product, most customers will have the effect after eating. Weight loss result cannot show in very short period, because rapid weight loss, rapid rebound chance is very large, it is generally best to give yourself three months for one treatment. We also can find a lot of weight loss products in the market are generally advise to take one treatment of three months. There are many quick weight loss products in the market, effective particularly very fast like one week you can loss 10kg, but the side effects are also higher. Although Japan weight loss product effective time is relatively slow, but it's safe for our body health. 

You can choose a suitable diet health food supplement products according to your own body and use the correct way to lose weight. Rome was not built in a day, nor the accumulation of fat formation also not in a day. If you want to weight loss complete within a short time, it will damage your heart and other organs, and that is reduction for healthy!
Q: My colleagues and me bought together the same slimming products, why she can lost 10kg plus, and me only lost few KG? 
A: This is a relationship with different body personal physique, eating the same product for different people may happen different effects. Individuals naturally have different absorption effect. And our lifestyle and eating habits, as well as genes, genetic differences also caused by effects of the difference. But do not worry, the weight loss products you consume have accumulated in your body, and some ingredients are maintenance effect on the body as well, insist on taking effect will gradually appear, there are some customers reduced weight loss faster in the late period of treatment, so be sure to adhere in order to achieve the final result. 
Q: I already consume many days for weight loss products, how come still no effect?
A: Any kind of weight loss products are not guaranteed exactly the same effect for everyone. In the introduction of the effect of weight loss products are based on a number of companies selected populations of reality testing, is achieving the best results, it is real and effective. Some people with good absorption only consume one box can see the effect, but some people may need consume 3 boxes to see result due to body slow absorbed. Attention to your daily diet and rest, some people have to eat at least three boxes for full treatment before they can see the effect. Do not compare with other weight loss products which have other side effects and harm the body, although the effect is fast, but good health is more important. 
Q: When eating weight loss products, what should i pay attention on daily diet? 
A: While some people consume weight lose products, but they are still very big eating and drinking on daily diet. Any weight loss product should cooperate with best eating and sleeping to achieve good results and beat your body fat, let your body fat continuously decreased. During weight loss diet, you must meet and maintain a normal schedule and only eat light food every day, avoid eating high calories, starch and carbohydrates, high sugar foods, it is best not to eating especially after 8pm and no supper. If possible doing some sweating exercise will be more obvious effect. Prohibited to eat fried and frozen foods, less cola drink, no wine and beer.
Q: Menstrual periods can consume weight loss products?
A: Generally Japanese diet supplements can eat during menstruation. But during menstrual period our body may slow down metabolism, you can stop consume and start consume when menstrual period finished, generally does not affect the effect.
Q: The effect easy to bounce it after stop eating weight loss products or not? 
A: After successful weight loss usually still have to pay attention on daily diet, rest, develop good habits and it is not easy to rebound. 
Final point to mentioned is if you want to lose weight, we must insist on taking normal diet and rest time, we believe you will be slim!
CONTENT: 90g (250mg x 6 tablets x 75 sachets)
Each sachet contain 6 tablets. Take 2 tablets each time before meals with warm water (Finish consume 1 sachet 6 tablets every day)
ORIGIN: Made in Japan 
• Those who are under 18 years old, above 55 years old, patients of heart disease, hypertension and cardiovascular disease are not recommended to consume this product.
• Do not exceed the recommended dose.
• If you are having food allergies, please check the product ingredients first before purchasing.
• If you are sensitive to the product ingredients, please consult your doctors before taking it.
• If the product is not suitable for your physical condition, please stop the consumption immediately.
• Pregnant and lactating women are not allow to consume this product. 
• If you are currently under medical supervision, please consult doctor before consuming/buying the product.
• This product is not a substitute for the therapeutic effect.
• Store in a cool, dry place
• Avoid from heat source and sunlight exposure
• Keep out of reach of children

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