Pancea Plus (Panacea Slim)

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SwanHeartx is the appointed Official Singapore Distributor of Wink White Thailand's full range of products! Buy with confidence!


*Please beware of replicas, Remember to get your supplies from reliable, authentic sources, for the sake of your health and safety!


Panacea Slim (W Plus) 30 Capsules
Certified Halal

NEW NAME: PANCEA PLUS - Repackaged, Rebranded! New and improved!

*After the roaring success of Gluta Pancea for whitening, the Wink White company launched Panacea Slim with the best quality.
*PANACEA SLIM (W PLUS) is a weight loss dietary supplement product with a concentrated natural extracts formula.
*Suitable for people that have resistance to the traditional diet pills or find it particularly difficult to lose weight
*Focuses on reducing the appetite.
*Helps burn excess fat on the body, making your figure feel firm and slender.
*Drives waste out of the body and helps to detox at the same time.

- Decreases the appetite.
- Reduces the cravings of carbo-hydrates.
- Doesn’t feel like you are starving.
- All natural, No side effects.
- Accelerates fat burning.
- Do not have to overdo exercise.
- Multi-lipolytic factors reduce fat synthesis, accelerate fat burning, blocking the absorption of fat and control weight effectively.
- Helps remove toxins from the body through urine and sweat

L-Camitine L-Tartrate 80.00mg (16.00%)
Garcinia Cambogia Extract 80.00mg (16.00%)
Konjac Powder 50.00mg (10.00%)
Cactus Extract 40.00mg ( 8.00%)
White Kidney Bean Extract 40.00mg ( 8.00%)
Green Tea Extract 31.80mg ( 6.36%)
Chitosan 30.00mg ( 6.00%)
Capsicum Extract 30.00mg ( 6.00%)
Kelp Extract 20.00mg ( 4.00%)
Chromium Picolinate 00.20mg (00.04%)i

Directions of use:
Take 1 Capsule 15 Minutes before breakfast daily.

Condition : 100% Brand new, sealed
Quantity : 1 Box 30 Capsules

Keep out of the reach of children.
Store in a cool dry place.

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