Revival Bespoke Mask Kit

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Be your Own Chemist with

KLARITY Revival Bespoke Mask Kit

Revival Bespoke Mask Kit is a mask solution that addresses your skin concerns as you can now be the chemist to formulate your own mask.

With technologically advanced mask essence for skin renewal and restoration as well as ampoules targeting specific skin concerns, you can now mix and match the combination of ampoules that goes into your mask for maximum skin revival results. Get creative to customise your own mask as there are no limitations to the ampoule combinations that goes into your mask for best results! Taking care of your skin is now fun, effective and perfect for all skin types as you are the creator of your own mask.

Each mask sheet is infused with renewal and restoration ingredients including elkhorn sea moss and tara fruit which protects whilst firming and lifting the skin. 

Despite being much more potent than serums, our ampoules are lightweight and fast-absorbing while targeting specific skin concerns or mask functions such as acne control, firming, hydration and whitening, giving you instant and visible results to revive and renew your complexion for long-lasting effects.

The Revival Bespoke Mask Kit includes:

5 x Advanced Revival Mask Sheets

1 x Revival Bespoke Mask User Manual

1 x 30 ml Bespoke Test Tube (reusable)

1 x 5 ml Firming Ampoule

1 x 5 ml Hydrating Ampoule

1 x 5 ml Whitening Ampoule

1 x 5 ml Acne Control Ampoule


Firming Ampoule – Skin Elasticity | Skin Protection

Klarity Bespoke Firming Ampoule
This firming ampoule enhances the skin’s elasticity to reveal youthful- looking skin by skin repair, moisturization and fighting skin damage created by the sun’s UVA/ UVB rays. The self-healing herb Prunella Vulgaris extract, is responsible for the anti- inflammatory effects while the Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosus) extract increases elasticity.



Hydrating Ampoule – Intense Moisturisation | Anti-aging | Repair

Klarity Bespoke Hydrating Ampoule
When the skin becomes hydrated and moisturised, its longevity and vitality is also enhanced. One of the key ingredients is Wild pansy (Viola Tricolor) which for centuries, people have used it as the herbal medicine for skin treatment. With this ampoule, skin is hydrated, plump and rejuvenated.



Whitening Ampoule – Improves Radiance | Reduces Wrinkles and Discolouration

Klarity Bespoke Whitening Ampoule
Our whitening ampoule corrects signs of aging to create revitalized and luminous skin by relieving visible signs of fatigue, wrinkles and brightening discoloration. Aided by Diamond Powder, the exfoliation and repair of damaged skin is optimised for the best skin brightening and whitening results through the conducive skin repair environment by Chamomile.



Acne Control Ampoule – Eliminates impurities I Anti-inflammatory

Klarity Bespoke Acne Control Ampoule
The key ingredient of Acne Control Ampoule is the Willow bark (Salix Alba) extract which accounts for anti- inflammatory properties that reduces redness, scars, and skin damage. Through eliminating impurities such as redness, blotchiness and soothing skin irritation, a fresh, radiant and velvety complexion is made possible.


How to use:

1. Based on your targeted treatment, place 2-3 drops of each Bespoke ampoule(s) and pour the Bespoke Revival Mask Essence into the Test Tube

2. Remove Premium Mask Sheet from the Bespoke Mask pouch, add it into the Test Tube and allow it to soak for awhile

3. Remove thoroughly soaked Sheet Mask from Test Tube and keep mask on for 15- 20 minutes and pat remaining essence it into your skin until fully absorbed


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