Slimming Compression Stockings

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Slimming Compression Stockings / Leggings (Long, Overnight)

Ideal for: 
- Slimming of swollen ankles / thick calves / fat thighs 
- Prolonged hours wearing heels 
- Standing and walking too much, resulting in muscle aches and leg cramps 
- Air stewardesses / long flight journeys resulting in water retention and swollen limbs 
- Long hours sitting down in office 
- swollen legs caused by pregnancy / Recovery after pregnancy 
- Massages and soothes tired legs 
- prevents water rentention, and swollen legs when you wake up after a night's sleep! 
- It also soothes leg cramps, muscle ache, poor blood circulation, Varicose veins, Inflammation of the veins, Thrombosis and Venous ulcers. 

Compression stockings help keep your blood flowing back from your legs up towards your heart. 

Overall compression 
Your legs are gently squeezed, which Improves blood flow 

Graduated compression 
Is where the pressure gets lighter as it goes up your legs. You will notice that they are tighter round your ankle than round your thigh. This progressive reduction in compression is a particularly effective way to push blood up your leg.

- Premium high quality! 
- Very light, comfortable and breathable material, suitable for singapore's hot weather! 
- Does not cause skin irritation / itch / rash / discomfort! 
- Anti-roll band at thighs 
- Apply body moisturiser first before wearing. You will wake up the next morning to smooth and supple baby skin! 

* Sizing: Free size, Stretchable 

* Available in 4 colours! 
- Light purple
- Mint
- Pink 
- Black

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