Snail White x10 Whitening Soap

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Popular! All time best seller!
Snail White Soap 10X whitening power!
For use on Face and Body!

- sweet bubblegum smell
- gentle on skin
- whitening
- removes dead skin
- lather up very nicely
- removes dark spots
- Authentic Thailand Product, imported direct from Thai supplier

The mixture of Glutathione and Snail secretion and selected vitamins that will promote skin nourishing, whitening, reduce acnes and dark spots, whiten dull and dark skin tone.

⚜️ You can see the result as you use it on the regular basis.

⚜️ See results as early as 7 days!


For facial wash, make bubbles and apply on to face then leave it for 1 minute, then rinse, your face will whiten, reduce acne and dark spots, and control excessive oil to make your facial skin look healthy.

For body wash, make bubbles and apply on to body and leave it for 3 minutes to let the skin absorb vitamins then gently rub skin to easily remove scurf, leaving just the healthy skin.

Net weight: 70G

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