Stainless Steel Egg Moulds

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Are you someone who loves to cook and take photos of your food to post online?🤔
Always wanted to take nice photos of food but can't seem to do so? 😔
Then try out our stainless steel egg moulds! These moulds come in so many various shapes, and is Ideal for making pancakes, crumpets, poached egg, fried egg …etc!!🍳
  • It's perfectly compact, lightweight & easy to use as well. 
  • It also has handle folds for easy storage, so it's not big and bulky!❤️
  • Use this to get perfect and uniquely Shaped eggs for all your meals! What's more, they can even be used for making pancakes ⛅ How wonderful!
  • Start your day with heart shaped, star or flower shaped eggs, or even make them for your loved ones 💕 You are sure to be energised in an instant! 🌻

Round (10cm diameter)
Flower (11cm x 9cm)
Heart (10.5cm x 9.5cm)
Star (9cm x 8.5cm)

Handle: 9cm

Stainless Steel

Weight: 60g

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