Stainless Steel Lemon Juice Squeezer

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 * Enjoy freshly-squeezed lemon and lime juice without electricity, batteries, or hard-to-operate juice squeezers

* Easy to use in 3 quick steps, squeezer provides pure juice without any seeds or pulp

* More juice, less usage of strength, less wastage of expensive lemon



20.5cm x 6.5cm

Material: Premium stainless steel

10 Healthy Reasons to Start Squeezing Lemons
1. Prevent kidney stones
2. Soothe a sore throat
3. Support weight loss
4. Start your day right
5. Stop insect itch
6. Aids digestion
7. Anticancer properties
8. Potassium power
9. Brings down fever
10. Balance pH

Benefits of lime
1. Eye care
2. Piles & gout curing
3. Brings down fever
4. Skin care etc

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