V-Shape Face Slimming Belt

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Do you dream of having a slim, V-Shape face?
Sick of chubby cheeks and sagging double chin?
Try this compression slimming face lifting mask!

2 different designs:

A) Pink Colour 3/4 face mask (covers the mouth): More targeted at slimming down cheek fat, laugh lines, v shape chin, face lifting and skin tightening

B) Orange colour 1/2 face mask (doesn't cover the mouth): More targeted at eliminating double chin, v shape chin, slim jaw line, face lifting and firming

* Great quality and workmanship. Unique 5-layer premium material
* Stretchable, Suitable for all types of face shapes
* Use it while watching TV / using the computer / doing housework!

Best for:
- face slimming and lifting
- fat cheek reduction
- Sagging skin
- Double chin
- Laugh lines
- Targets baby fat
- Reverse the effects of Aging / gravity
- Reduce water retention and puffiness
- Skin firming and tightening, Muscle toning
- Smooth out wrinkles
- Promotes blood circulation
- Sauna-like effects
- Promotes Heat and fat burning
- Makes skin Moisturized and supple
- Also can be used as compression garment for post-op facial bone reduction surgery / liposuction

Highly raved in Korea, even used as a treatment in beauty salons!
Watch the video!

* Wash your face clean.
* Mask should be worn for 30-50 minutes. Sweat may be produced.
* Wash face again, and follow with usual skincare routine.
* Do not wear overnight to sleep or use while showering.

Washing instructions:
This mask can be washed with warm water, with a mild detergent
Hand wash and leave to dry naturally

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