Voox Instant Whitening DD Cream

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Voox Instant Whitening DD Cream

  • We all love to have fairer skin, and spend money on whitening pills, soaps, serums, creams...
  • But all these take time, effort and discipline before the results become visible.
  • What if you have an urgent event to attend, and don't have the luxury of time to wait for these pills and creams to take effect?
  • Introducing Thailand Car Show Models' instant whitening secret! 
  • It is a well known fact that many Thai models / pretties use Voox DD Cream to make their skin tone INSTANTLY fairer! 
  • You can use this on your entire body, including your face too!



Highly raved by Singaporean Famous Influencer Yan Kay Kay!

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- The White Cream that has been developed in Japan with a perfect combination to moisturize the skin as well as make it instantly whiter!

- formulated with advance whitening formula from JAPAN. Extremely popular in Thailand and other countries!

- with SPF 50

- promise REALISTIC smoother and flawless looking skin!

- helps lighten skin pigmentations and even out skin tone

- Brightens skin and adds glow

- helps smoothen dry and cracked skin particularly skin on elbows, knees and buttocks

- non sticky!

- suitable for oily and sensitive skin

- water and sweat resistant. Only comes off during a shower, when washed with soap!


Size: 100ML, 135g


My personal experience: just apply a small amount, massage it onto skin, and indeed, you can see an immediate change in skin tone, many times lighter than your original shade!
It is waterproof and absorbs well into the skin, so you do not have to worry that your perspiration will cause it to smudge!

I think that it is perfect for makeup artists, brides, or anyone who wishes to have fair glowing skin - on a daily basis, or for special occasions!
I personally always use it when I attend events or weddings!
I was really happy to discover this gem, and I'm excited to share it with all of you too!


Pictures can be photoshopped, but videos cannot lie!
View these YouTube videos to see how people in real-life demonstrate the usage of the cream, and see with your own eyes, how it can instantly whiten your skin!


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