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WOWO Water Secret Tea Polyphenols Moisturizing Silk Mask

(27g x 5pc per box)


Tea Polyphenols Silk Mask is as thin as human skin. Main ingredients in the mask are Tea Polyphenols which helps in anti-radiation, anti-oxidant and anti-aging. Second is Snail Secretion Filtrate that helps in repairing skin, anti-wrinkles and fights acne. The silk materials made up with 18 kinds of amino acids which is 10 times more powerful than pearl powder!



-Silk mask, moisturises skin 5-10 times better than conventional mask.

-Moisture and penetration on every inch of your face.

-Regenerate damaged skin cells and perfectly fits the facial contour.

-Porous fibre that is absorbent and allow liquid to penetrate into skin easily.

-Suitable for all skin type, especially for sensitive skin and eczema users.


What is a silk mask?

• Perfectly fit the facial contours, moisture every inch of our skin and also preventing allergy and itchiness.

• It’s like our second skin with a touch of comfort and transparency. 

• Absorption of nutrients is far better then those traditional mask.

• Silk is a fiber which has strong absorption function.

• Moisturizing effect is 5-10 times more than those ordinary mask.

• Great function in locking and releasing moisture as it will evenly release the essence to replenish the deep skin layer.

• Obvious difference while using our mask





-whitening effects, optimal hydration and repair damage/dry skin.

-Improve skin nutrition metabolism.

-Balance PH value and control oil secretion of skin.

-Reduce fine lines and pores tightening.

-Enhance skin elasticity and delay skin aging.

-Treat sensitive skin.

- Highly hydrating, Highly moisturizing

- Whitening

- Tightening



Why is Wowo so good? Answer:👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

🔹1️⃣ HSA Certified. ✅

🔹2️⃣ It has pharmaceutical records ✅

🔹3️⃣ It is SGS certified ✅

🔹4️⃣ 2 CCTV awards, 106 TV ads, 1st to be advertised on NBA ✅

🔹5️⃣ Authorised 《Hair Concept》✅

🔹6️⃣ Improved millions of beauty, skin and hair problems ✅

🔹7️⃣ It is internationally registered®️✅

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